To varying degrees we all have a ‘sleeper’ in us.  This is the reluctant mover who has become stuck, blocked and repressed entering, voluntarily or not, into a state of disconnection.  It can be a dreamy and comfy state or one filled with nightmares.  But to be alive is to MOVE.  Our qiprana or life energy has inherent rhythm and flow that fluctuates with the environment and with life experiences (whether these are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual).

Once this energy is blocked we enter a state of unawareness, we become sleepers caught in patterns of thinking, speaking and being.  We can experience disruptions in posture and mobility, along with physiological and psychological disorder and an endless range of dis-eases.  As sleepers we are disconnected from ourselves, from our capabilities and from our environment.

“the sleeper must awaken”

The awakening happens when the energy, the spirit, moves thus easing away obstructions and releasing what has become static and toxic.

AcuStretch facilitates this quickening process through movement, acupuncture and energy work as well as providing tools to cultivate Mindfulness and breath awareness.